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We are one of the largest Open Source focused Slack teams in the world

With 4,431 registered members and growing, we are currently one of the largest Open Source focused communities on Slack. We use Slack as a communication tool for projects, collaboration and general news about the Open Source world.

We are an inclusive community by nature. If you're interested in anything related to {code} by Dell EMC or the projects we're working on within the community (containers, automation, virtualization, monitoring, logging, infrastructure as code), we’d love to have you join us!

The {code} Community is open to everyone

Anyone with an interest in coding, hacking or creating new and interesting software is welcome! The community is managed and run by {code}, the Open Source team within Dell EMC.

The goal of the {code} Community is to create a safe place for communication and collaboration on Open Source projects by Dell EMC and others, such as Docker, Mesos, and Kubernetes.

Keep in mind that in order to be a member of the {code} Community you must adhere to our {Code} of Conduct.

Public webinars focused on interesting open source projects

We are taking the community to the next step with public and inclusive webinars, focused on interesting open source projects. Are you curious to know more about containers, automation and software-based infrastructure? Then come join us!

Check out our future webinars and RSVP by clicking here.

{code} Community programs

As a member of the community you will have the opportunity
to participate in the outreach programs that we run.
If you are interested in joining any of the programs outlined below, please apply here.

Community Programs - {code} Catalyst

The {code} Catalyst program is focused on promoting thought-leading members of the open source community and creating a dialogue between open source advocates, developers and project managers across company boundaries. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of innovative open source advocates who lead and advance emerging technology to support software-based infrastructures.

Community Programs - DevHigh5

DevHigh5: If you are a coder or tinkererer looking to promote something you have built around Dell EMC technologies, this is the program for you. You will have the opportunity to create projects that enhance and augment open source solutions at Dell EMC.

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